Just a Married Couple and Their Pet. Me


Sitting at a corner table to the back of the restaurant, I am the first one to arrive (as usual). While hanging my jacket on the back of my chair I hear my phone ring. I see the name “Chels” pop up, I let it ring. Then my phone rings again, so sliding my finger across the screen, now with “Zoe” blaring across it, I picked up and listened to her swear she was late because of the traffic before promising to be “only five minutes away”. About half a glass of orange juice later she came but she wasn’t alone, Aya and Sky were with her. With everyone here, we grabbed a couple of burgers and some drinks and celebrated Sky’s promotion. The food was great, the conversations were in full swing then the topic turned to their sex lives.  As the topic of threesomes came up, Zoe turns to me and, like I’m a little child, asks, “Mikayla, have you ever had a threesome?” There was a pause, and not for the reason she most likely assigned. I paused because how was I to tell her and the group that the one who doesn’t party or do cocaine with them has been having sex with a married couple every week for the last 4 years? By this time, all eyes are on me and so I reply, “yes.” 


I began, “I was a math and english summer school teacher at an adolescent camp and one of the quiet kids (Lindsay) came up to me to let me know that her mom was coming in that day to talk to me, so I said “Sure, no problem!” I suspected it was because of a particular trio of girls that I individually caught from a distance, unsuspecting to them of course, on a couple of occasions doing things Lindsay obviously didn’t like. It was your classic case of picking on the quiet kid who is always reading and keeps to themself. Hoping it was for this, I told her to just come to fetch me when her mom arrived, and close to the end of the day, that’s just what she did. I greeted her mom, who launched into what I hoped would be the reason for the visit and we chopped it up between us three what was happening with Lindsay and the trio. I found myself carrying on with her like an old friend discussing a problem and during the discussion, I concluded that Lindsay’s mom was pretty cool. When the discussion came to a laughing close and with Lindsay evidently in higher spirits, I told her to head back to end the day with the group and then meet me back here with the girls and she rushed out. Turning to her mom who was picking up her bag and grabbing her keys and whose name turned out to be Chelsea, I told her I’d handle it. Then, in what felt like no time, before me were Lindsay and the girls and because I hit it off with her mom and in my eyes and Lindsay was most obviously not in the wrong, I absolutely fucked them up. Verbally of course.”  


“Shortly after I left summer school parents began calling me almost daily begging me to come back because the students were actually learning. What they were taught that school year but didn’t understand actually started becoming easy to understand. With that demand for my return I organized to have tutoring be done at my house. It just so happened that among the parents demanding my return was Chelsea, and so it began. It started with her dropping Lindsay off then hours later, picking her up in the evening. Now, I had fifteen kids at my place three days of the week and on Fridays, I would cook for them and let them watch TV and just have fun as a unit. One particular Friday, my friends Jamie and Kyle came over while the kids were there. Both guys while I taught took care of seasoning the chicken, frying them and doing the fries. When I was finished with the class, I helped put together the cole slaw and took what they’d prefer between coke and sprite.  While they’re singing their butts off using my brushes as mics, Chelsea swings by for Lindsay.  Seeing her mom, Chelsea rolled her eyes and I took that to mean “I’m not ready yet” because of the fun thangs (food, music, friends, uploading to social media, nighttime) happening inside.  Making my way outside to where the car was idling, I told her “hey, come have a drink with me, your daughter isn’t ready yet” With no hesitation, “Yes!” Putting the car in park and locking it,  she made her way back inside with me. Soon after, there she was hanging out with the guys, who she instantly meshed with and I remember registering as pretty cool. An hour later I learned that she was a therapist who was married for about 15 years. As things died down and the kids were absolutely over it she turned to me and said “Well I’ll have to reciprocate, I’ll definitely have to have you over. Actually, you’ll come home with me when I pick Lindsay up on Monday.” I swiftly agreed and next week, like she said, I was over there. 


That Monday evening saw us in the kitchen making cookies over a glass of wine. Then she cooked pork chops and mashed potatoes with a side of veggies and as we started eating, her husband Greg came home so I was introduced. Then together, him and I? We talked a lot. He asked quite a bit of questions: about my life, why teaching, goals and what I get up to for fun. I asked him why he chose to become a lawyer and how he met Chelsea. At the end of dinner, they’re both dropping me home and he’s driving. They’re telling me what a good person I am for taking the kids and making a difference in their ability to learn and complimenting me on how I carry myself, and that both inside and out, I’m a beautiful person.”  Then it kinda continued like that. Weekly I’d be invited over without being given a chance to say no. There I was at their house where they kept feeding me and together, Chelsea and I would partake in fun drugs while at the same time, there was a steady supply of drinks. So picture it, without a doubt they’d get me drunk then at the end of the night, they’d drop me home. This basically became a routine of mine.”  


“Now, you guys know that my back bothers me a lot – and don’t even say “Welcome to 30” Aya”, I  rolled my eyes at Aya in playful annoyance. Taking a handful of fries, I pop them into my mouth before continuing. “Throughout the first month of me going over there on a weekly basis, I’d never not experience back pain, but when Chelsea’d inquire about it, I’d just brush it off as “this is normal”. During the third month of my being there, while getting up to reach some more onions from the fridge, I loudly winced at the sharp pain and sat right the fuck back down. While groaning with my eyes shut I heard her, “The back?” I nodded, my eyes still closed. Then getting up, I gingerly walked to the fridge. Looking at me, she offered to massage me for the 800th time nodding to the fact that it was her profession. Making sure to add quite matter-of-factly, “Maybe I should remind you that I studied Massaging to include it as a form of therapy to help my clients”. I groan but not without rolling my eyes at her.  With the pain at one of its finest, I cave and asked her how much to rid me of the pain to which she said she’d give me a discount. Not wanting to accept the discount as that would actually be my first service from her I said, “why don’t you take the money you give your daughter to pay me and you use that as payment?” Then it hit me that I should probably see what her prices are like as I’ve lowkey been meaning to take the plunge into the world of bikini waxing. I asked her how much it’d cost to get a bikini wax and my nails done in addition to the massage and we settled on a price. I mean, my justification for having the massage was having spent three months around her and her family, so I felt comfortable enough with her to let me do my waxing. That day we just focused on the massage and here and there while she massaged my back, she would say flirtatious things to me and me being me, I’d flirt right back, then like the clowns we were, we’d laugh it off so between us remained this level of playfulness.  Midway during the massage Greg came home and I thought nothing of it. In my mind I’m seeing him make his way to the fridge to grab a glass of wine as he normally does after the long day. However, what I didn’t count on was him coming into the massage room, pulling up a chair and, with his wine in hand, silently watching as his wife worked her magic across my body.”  


The table is hanging onto my every word, not a drink was being drunk. Not to keep them in suspense, I continue, “At this point, I was on my back and she’s massaging the front of my body because I’m having a full body massage. So she’s massaging my very naked body, her hands are going across my breasts, my stomach, my neck, legs, and thighs, you guys, the entire front of my body. Then her very capable hands end up between my legs and she says “can I eat you out?” Now, she’s looking down at me with this piercing blue-green gaze and I’m having a split-second battle: “should I or shouldn’t I?” Then I said in my head, “You only live once”. Mind you, Greg is still there. 


Looking at her I’m still trying to decipher if she’s joking or not, I nod my head because let’s face it, she brought it up so right now I’m tryna see what that mouth do.  Greg then gets up, his steadily trained eyes on me and his hand starts slowly trailing up my body from my right ankle. I look at Chelsea to gauge her reaction and I see no anger. Then she lowers herself between my legs and starts kissing my inner thigh. Then my eyes return to his and he looks at me inquiringly as if waiting for me to object, I don’t.  He walks behind me and places his hands on my nipples as Chelsea starts eating me out. He’s twirling my nipples and squeezing them between his fingers while his wife is on her knees fingering me while she eats it. I hear his throaty notes of approval then all too soon he says, “let me go”. They stop pleasuring me as if on cue and they switch positions. Chels moves from between my legs and stands just above me then descends, her mouth on my nipples while he positions himself between my legs. 


Propped between my legs, Greg lowers his head and gently kisses my clit and says to me “you’re so fucking beautiful.” So with Chelsea focusing on my nipples and Greg eating me out ever so slowly while fingering me, I had three really good orgasms until they finally stopped. Then we all showered quickly because it was late and I told them I had to get home. While the couple was showering together I showered in the bathroom downstairs and then went onto their balcony to grab a smoke. A loop of the events of the night clouded my mind and was soon interrupted by them announcing they were ready. Then all too soon we were reversing out of their driveway and just like that, the night was over.”


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