Navigating Weight Gain & Workouts


Don’t pretend 


If you’re struggling with the fact that you’ve gained weight, just know that it’s you and millions of others who are struggling in a number of ways. If you’re in a relationship, yes, the insecurity of being “covered in fat” can envelope you in embarrassment which in turn can deter you from wanting to have sex. This can lead to the amount of times sex is had growing less in number. Relationships, if not strong enough, have high possibilities of collapsing under diminishing frequency of intimacy. 


Running into folks who you haven’t seen in a quick minute has become somewhat… a dreadful occurrence.  This dread is especially fuelled by folks bringing up (with the swiftness) the things that have changed about you (usually a major insecurity of yours at this point) since they last saw you. I’ve dealt with my fair share of this. 


Visiting family, the first thing I’d hear is “Tessica, you gotta walk in the mornings.” This went on for months which turned into 4 years and it molested my core like no other.  However, as hard as it was and always is to hear, it also made me evaluate where I am physically and how I got here. The onus is on me.  However, getting from mind to reality isn’t as easy as reading some article highlighting all the things you weren’t doing. Everyone’s turning point will be somewhere different but when you have your “last straw” moment it will be like you’re yelling to yourself “cut the shit!”. If you’re at the point where you want to do something about it, then I can suggest easing into a workout routine. Firstly, I suggest that you:  


Start slow 

The one thing that I have gathered from research is this, start slow. The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” perfectly fits this situation. Knowing that something is being done, despite hearing how much “something, anything” needs to be done, feels like you’re on a covert mission.  Starting small can look like incorporating a fruit or fruits in your breakfast or even incorporating it into the day as a snack.  Working out at least two days a week or even going on short walks a couple of times per week. As time goes on, increase what your body can handle and before long, you’ll start seeing results. 


Fun Tip:
If commitment or even motivation is an issue, I’d say start on a fun note and pick out workout gear that you’d easily sport.  This can keep things light, fun and you’d be motivated to wear it, which in turn, would make it easier to actually get that workout in.    


Prepare for the ache 

It’s coming. 

You’ll be tempted to quit after the first set of 50 squats or some push ups (if you impressively can). My advice, run a playlist while working out and just grind through it. Sure, doing the workouts will feel positively shitty while knocking them out but give it time, which brings me to the next tip: 



I can’t stress this enough.  Change will come with working out, incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily life and consistency.  This isn’t an overnight thing, 100% not. Instead, you have got to… 


Commit to it

This has great potential to be the Mt. Everest in your life. Anyone can say that they’re going to work out “next week”. The thing is, thinking about it and getting that initial burst to improve your life is all the rage in the first few seconds of discovering the idea to “work out”. The vision of what your body can look like if you go to the gym is intoxicating so saying and happily thinking about the transformation can have you in a chokehold.  However, where I, myself and many others fall short, is at the continuation mark.  


Become an H2-hO

You read that right. Water is your best friend and you need it daily.  The acceptable amount the human body is to receive per day is quoted at 9 cups for women and men, they’re to have 13. There’s also the recommended practice of having a glass of water first thing in the morning when you wake up.  



In order to see any positive change, consistency is a major tool. It is in fact not only working out but also your diet that has to reflect the goal you’re trying to achieve.  


You are not defined by how you look. You are still worthy of 

  • Love
  • Respect and
  • Everything good

 Always. Regardless of how you look. No matter the number on the scale.  


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