Stone-Cold Self-Care with a Price Tag


Oftentimes when the thought of self-care crosses people’s minds, immediately they jump to spas and services that can come with hefty prices. I’m here to suggest that for the next couple of minutes, please, do think that way.  Included within the following paragraphs is a type of self care that really taps into your wallet and can give the grandiose feeling of luxury and look at advanced forms of self care. Let’s talk Cryotherapy, have you heard about it? 


Exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures in order to stimulate tremendous physical and mental health benefits.”


What is Cryotherapy?


From Usain Bolt to actors, the benefits of whole body cryotherapy have been given the nod from many, including athletes and those really serious about their physical wellbeing. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) involves allowing your body to be exposed to subzero temperatures (-185 degrees fahrenheit) for two to three minutes.  From this, a plethora of benefits derive. Doing this allows the body to be cooled and in the sea of benefits, it has been said to give pain relief, accelerate injury recovery and even boost one’s mood.  Sitting in the cryo chamber for a couple minutes has been said to have a hand in the quality of life people lead. For instance, actress Jennifer Aniston chalks up her youthful appearance to regular cryotherapy sessions mixed with her healthy lifestyle. Cryotherapy has been linked to improvement in the skin, especially elasticity. There’s an increase in blood flow and cryotherapy has the ability to aid in flushing toxins from the skin. Whole Body Cryotherapy – think of it like having an extreme ice pack on the areas throughout your body that are in need.  


For pain 


Cryotherapy is in no shape or form a modern addition to the world. In fact, it has been around for decades. In 2500 BC, what began with the Egyptians who used cold temperatures to treat illnesses, by the time the 1980s came around, it was adopted by the Nordic and European countries who applied the Yamaguchi approach in decreasing recovery time and improving the performance of athletes. Dr. Yamaguchi, who hails from Japan, first started using freezing treatments on his arthritis patients. This he did in 1978 as a solution to combat their pain and aid in its management. He realized that his patients experienced a considerable reduction in soreness and joint pain following the drastic temperature decrease of the outer layers of skin. Throughout the 1980s, Dr. Yamaguchi and his team found that exposure to rapid, short-term freezing temperatures produces a non-invasive approach to effectively managing pain. Today, with three minutes in a whole-body cryo chamber, you can relieve yourself of aches and inflammation. Also, if you’ve got a specific area that causes you pain, say, in your arm, you can opt for Localized Spot Cryotherapy. This uses the same subzero temperatures as whole-body cryotherapy and focuses cryogenically cooled air directly on the painful spot ready to deliver pain relief. This it does by penetrating deeper into the layers of tissue to increase blood circulation, alleviate pain and speed-up recovery. 


Beauty and anti-aging    


Cryotherapy, in the race to slow down the aging process and find ways of enhancing, maintaining or even improving one’s beauty, over the years has become a sort of a go-to service. While the majority of us tend to avoid the cold as best we can, it’s been proven to be just the thing needed to embrace physical healing and overall wellness.  With the technology at our fingertips, where cryotherapy is concerned, services that can be done in favor of one’s beauty and aid, especially in anti-aging, is the Cryo Facial. This noninvasive cosmetic procedure involves freezing your face. Often called a “frotox”, it involves plumping your facial collagen done with the goal of a reduction in marks on the face such as fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles.  Cryo facials are an effective way to tighten and brighten the skin. They increase blood flow to the face, which can make the skin look healthy and plump. 


Weight Loss 


When in the cryo chamber, although temperatures are gnarly (minus 200 to minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit)your blood circulation is boosted. At this point, you’re experiencing a higher metabolic rate of up to 800 calories burnt in three minutes.  At the same time, also increasing is the amount of endorphins in your system which, in fact, aid in mood elevation and stress reduction.  


For people who are too busy to keep up with the gym or need the extra hand in healing from athletic injuries, maintaining beauty standards, chasing youth and simply, preserving themselves, advanced ways to do all of these things have been around.  Apart from Cryotherapy services, other forms of self-care that you may have to shell out some extra cash on can be looked into, such as Infrared Saunas, Red Light Therapy, Celluma Light Therapy, NormaTec Compression Therapy, IVs and Boosters and even Oxygen Therapy. 


Consider booking one of these for your next self-care moment if you’ve got some extra money to burn.



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