Planning Your Next Romantic Getaway


It’s finally time to take that trip you’ve been thinking about, and you know exactly the other person you want to take with you. Time to let loose and unwind from everyday life and entangle yourself with the company of another. But being at your destination is not the same as getting there and planning this romantic retreat can prove to be more difficult than you’d like. 

I’m not going to tell you where exactly to go and what exactly to do, because my romance will not be the same for all of you but we’re going to help you organize your thoughts so you can organize your very own romantic getaway.


 What’s the Budget?

Whether you or your partner’s style is the pampered deluxe, the outdoors and evergreen, to enjoy the beauty of solitude together or to be waited on hand and foot by others, the first thing you must decide is your budget. Whether you earn large or not, deciding on the budget you feel comfortable putting toward this goal will overall guide how you will be planning this getaway.


 Where are you going?

Just because we know we want to go somewhere; doesn’t always mean we know exactly where we want to go. If you only have an idea of what you’d like to experience or you’re completely clueless as to your options, a good place to start would be trusted travel websites. Beginning here can give lots of local and foreign options with prices seeking to fit all wallet sizes.

Are all good places to help you make your decision. You know best the romance you desire, and they offer many options to decide from. Of course, the decision of where to go is yours, but consider for the sake of romance trying somewhere new and trying something not stereotypical. The world is large, and your partner may appreciate seeing more of it.


Destination Decisions.

Assuming you’re taking the romance abroad or at least far from home, once you’ve decided where that is, there are some things you need to think about before actually booking and leaving. Of course, the vicinity needs to be perfect to give all the right feels, but what about;

  • Travel method and time: How long will you have to spend simply getting to your location. Maybe you’ve found a destination, but 12 hours of flying may be more than you or your partner might be willing to bear, or quality time on a long arduous road trip may not be the tone you’re hoping to set.
  • How will you get to your destination: Does the hotel provide an airport shuttle? Especially if it is a completely new place, will you have to find a taxi or rent and drive a car on your own? 
  • What can we do: On this romantic getaway, if you’re not planning to spend ALL of your time in the room, knowing the restaurants and main attractions that would be most readily available to you is important. Unless you do not mind taking long taxi or train rides every time, you might consider choosing accommodations that are close to eating areas, events, airports and transport. Whether it be intimate dinners or jumping out a plane together choosing a location that most readily accommodates your personal romantic experience is important. The websites listed above can be a great resource for finding out what other events and restaurants you can visit near your desired areas.
  • Look for hidden costs: Be mindful of extra service charges your accommodation choice may have. The last thing you want weighing your romantic experience down is fees you didn’t account for like ‘surprise’ parking fees and other hotel facilities such as towels etc. Be on the lookout for these possible extra charges to help you determine your actual costs for booking at your desired areas.


The key to an ideal romantic getaway is to be smooth sailing and stress free. Prepare now so you can focus on the important things later and your partner will thank you for it!


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