Top 5 Destinations to Discover Yourself


A fog surrounds and obscures the vision of who you are, what you’re supposed to be; supposed to be doing, and you are not at peace with the person you are in this moment. There is a desire to understand what it really means to be you, to find what drives you and to know your most important inner values. To be able to walk the path of self acceptance. And whether it is your first time or not, you know it’s the time to find yourself. 

Being in a new place, with new people and new experiences is one of the best ways to do this, so here are a few places that one could try to help their self-search journey.


Bali has come to be known as one of those perfect places for solo travel and self exploration. People of all backgrounds, from all over the world are known to seek the embrace of Bali during their human discovery. It is a place where seemingly like minded people can become aligned and is seen as a great source of natural inspiration. Bali is designed for the wandering soul, boasting accommodation types to fit all needs. From the traditional yet beautiful hotels and resorts, to some very gorgeous and budget friendly hostels where you can more keenly meet and engage with similar travelers. Bali is also famous for Homestays, where you can choose to live directly with a local family either within their home or at a guest house on the compound. This allows for a unique and more personal experience of the Bali culture and can be a great way to explore Balinese spirituality. 

Whilst in Bali, there also seems to be no shortage of activities available to you. You can chase the land in search of draping waterfalls, and forest hike trails. You can find yourself strolling through rice fields on calm days, or visiting temples and taking part in cultural activities like a Melukat Blessing, where one can clear the mind and cleanse the body and soul from both self-inflicted impurities and negative influences from external sources.

From famous yoga and surfing classes to cafe’s and unique movie night experiences at places like the Paradiso Ubud, the world’s first vegan cinema.”…a cultural center that combines a movie theater, live performance space, raw vegan bar and cafe, shop and a private event facility.” Susann Pallarz

Lastly Bali is also a hot spot for digital nomads around the world. The island is extremely conducive for networking on your travels as it hosts many events tailored specifically for that purpose and is always backed by a thriving networking community brought about by the many coworking spaces on the island. A great resource for inspiration and any type of entrepreneurial engagement. 




For those of us seeking solitude and distance from everything, the country of Iceland may just be the place to lose your old self, as you discover the new. Conveniently located at the halfway mark between North America and Europe, Iceland can be an ideal go to spot for those seeking a true nature experience as part of their self discovery journey. 

Reykjavik, the country’s capital and most populous city, is a good home base thanks to its proximity to Iceland’s international airport and its multitude of shops, cafes, museums and art galleries. But for true solitude one can try renting in the Snaefellsnes peninsula where it will take at least half an hour to get to the nearest supermarket or restaurant.


Your stay in Iceland will be filled with natural wonders. Often called the Land of Fire and Ice for its abundance in expansive glaciers and spitting volcanoes, all of which you can hike through, experience and witness. There’s also an intriguing combination of cozy natural hot springs to soothe yourself in, while simultaneously surrounded by the wondrous ice and snow. Speaking of wonders, finding yourself in Iceland can also mean finding the Northern Lights. An experience described as breathtaking and life changing by beholders. For those fortunate enough, witnessing the spectacle of the skies bursting to life with flowing color would truly be an experience to have on your solo journeys.


New Zealand


Already touted as one of the safest destinations to travel to, New Zealand also boasts a healthy combination of both dazzling landscapes and bustling towns and cities to keep you engaged on your journey of self discovery. 


If you are seeking to physically challenge yourself or perhaps engage in something completely out of your comfort zone, New Zealand is sure to provide. From magnificent glacial hike trails through Franz Joseph, to extreme white water rafting and testing your grit with skydiving or bungee jumping, there is definitely something just waiting to get your adrenaline pumping.


However, if your inner self does not cry out for the extreme, but you yearn more for peace and quiet leisure, many of the larger towns and cities are simply filled with rich culture, history and activities. In the capital city of Wellington, expose yourself to the myriad of great food and cafes at your disposal or travel to the southern parts of Otago and Marlborough to explore some of New Zealand’s grand wine collections.


For whatever type of personal growth it is you seek, this destination is a must have on your list.


Rome, Italy

As much as most of us might appreciate the natural environment, not all trips of self discovery are desired to occur expressly in the wild. To find oneself in Rome, Italy, is to find oneself surrounded by inspirational man made architecture, wondrous culinary overload and spectacular art pieces all steeped in rich cultural history.


Explore yourself as you walk the Roman streets, greeted by locals and travelers alike, as the bell towers chime above you.  Find your fighting spirit at the famous Roman Colosseum, and celebrate your arena victories with grand feasts and wine with many of the walking food tours the city offers. Let your mind be opened by the great arts of the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel or grow your spirituality at the Vatican City, witnessing the Pope every Wednesday at St. Peter’s Basilica.  


As Hannah Griffin documented in her article Finding Myself in Rome, “…time is fluid and they do not rush through life, but instead stop to enjoy the moment that they are in.” She shares that the experience was truly life changing for her, gaining the ability to go with the flow as the ppl of Italy seem to do and that she would never have been able to experience this without immersing herself in the culture.



Sometimes, the thing you are trying to find within yourself is that outgoing, confident side. The side of yourself that can mingle and have a good time with people, especially if you’ve found yourself leading a life without much interest or human engagement by your own standards; Enter stage left, Las Vegas.  

Las Vegas is one of the most populous cities in the United States. It is a popular tourist destination known for its spectacular and luxurious resorts and hotels. Although most popularly known for its “Sin City” casino lifestyle, there are plenty of other activities to engage in. One of the best times to visit would be between the months of December through April as Las Vegas hosts several special festivities. Lose yourself in the vast crowds of people attending hilarious comedic live shows performed by some of the best in the game or mind bending displays of magical skills by people who have obviously transcended being human. You might even want to attend one of their vivid parades and all the fun sights they have to offer.

For those yearning to feed the social butterflies within themselves, Las Vegas might just be the place calling to you.


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