Traveling for the Big O


Skin to skin, racing pulses, telling sounds of pleasure, hands everywhere and those feelings? Wild sex. One hundred percent raw and totally uninhibited, the sexual pleasure derived from fast and high-powered movements that are nowhere close to being sensual. This whirlwind of pleasure appeals to a great number of people as it is thought of, fantasized about and quite often sought after left, right and center.  Baecation and staycation, you’re most likely familiar with those two but what about a fuckcation? A trip dedicated to nothing but sex. Wild sex, nasty sex, high sex, vanilla sex, drunk sex just… sex. Intrigued? If so, where would you go for a weekend? Maybe you can start with these five locations:




Apart from sex work being legal there so literally, wildest sexual dreams can come true, its beauty is remarkable. In addition to the temples, shopping centers and the breathtaking beaches it’s also known for its Red-Light districts as Thailand itself is known as “The Sex Capital of the World”.  If you’re single and took this trip looking to embrace everything sex then you can frequent red light areas where you can find Go-Go bars, Bar Girls, spend some time with a Freelancer or prostitute.  With “company” being easily bought in Thailand, it is advised that since girls from bars have regular sexual health testing, it is safer to pay the bar fine to have sex with them as opposed to someone from the street whose status you’re unaware of.   




Sweet dreams are made of Greece – or whatever the lady said. The picturesque island surrounded by captivating various-shades-of-blue waters and an air of “everything is perfect” is a magnet for a good time with someone special.  Home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe and at every turn breathtaking views, it’s the perfect setting for anything orgasmic. Whether it’s a cave hotel or a resort, if being in one of the most beautiful places under the sun doesn’t nudge you in the side and scream “sex” then I’m not sure what to tell ya. 




In the land of castles, you can opt to stay in one or you can book yourself an airbnb in any of the major cities. Vibe with me: Weekend getaway in a nice apartment is booked, you catch dinner at one of the restaurants along the side of the street and the mood is right. What is your play? Either way, whether you prefer to be back at the apartment with nothing on your mind but door closed no clothes, or you prefer to spend a night on the town before heading back to the spot slightly drunker than before with all intentions of fucking it up, whatever your decision, don’t be surprised if while walking you’re asked if you’d either like some coke or if you’d like to go to the strip club.  




Green valleys, Alpine lakes and lush towering mountains? Switzerland is home to scenery where from every angle, picturesque feels inadequate as an adjective to describe it. Its cities however, embrace a different type of nature. If you’re into a more sexually liberated time and are up for casual strings of sex, then you may be pleased to know that Switzerland is a good time. From street prostitutes to sex shops and clubs to erotic massages, I can guarantee you’re in for a wild ride.  


London, UK 


Interestingly enough, in The Sanctum Soho Hotel there are rooms that have been designed to allow guests to experience what can be described as a touch of Fifty Shades of Grey. According to author Rowena Carr-Allinson, in the BXG suite there’s an “adults only” chest that holds high-end erotic products which you can own for £150 and includes: cuffs, a blindfold, a spreader bar, feathers, “massager,” BXG’s own Crystal ice cube, a Lelo Sensua and a suede whip. Get your safe word ready…


Face it, we’ve all fantasized in some shape or form about the perfect sex scene. Who it’s with, where it happens and, as it is a fantasy, just how good it can actually feel. Who says you can’t travel for the purpose of being holed up in a room for hours on end just having sex? Not sightseeing, not doing touristy things or visiting friends and family. Just. Pure. Sex. Wild sex, nasty sex, high sex, vanilla sex, drunk sex just… sex. 

Now that you’ve got some places in mind, where would you go on your first fuckation?


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