Weekend Getaway


A weekend away from home where the theme is nothing but fun, relaxation and whatever the heck you want to do? Sign. Me. Up. 


At the end of the week, you’re probably over it. Mentally, you’ve checked out and the only thing on your mind is the weekend. At this point, nothing is more welcomed. Plans fuelled by fun and centered around enjoyment are looked forward to by you and pretty much anyone who’s ever set foot in the worksphere. Weekend plans; whether it’s to link up with friends, attend a function, head out by yourself or even take up the role of couch potato for a few hours, their projected execution rate by any given Monday is at a glaring 100%. For others, these plans do excite them but the thought of spending two days out of town doing just that, is their idea of an ideal weekend.  The thought of waking up on Saturday morning – or afternoon in another country, state, town or island seems to a majority of people, a better bang for your buck.  If the thought of linking up with your best buds or needing to be elsewhere for a few days intrigues you then the first thing you’re to ask yourself is: 


What type of trip is it going to be? 


It doesn’t matter if it’s a baecation, staycation, girls’/boys’ trip, or even a solo trip taken with the intention of hitting that reset button, knowing what you want out of your hours away from home will most likely steer you in the right direction. When it comes to figuring this out, picture your ideal weekend away and let said vision in your mind be your guide.  What do you see yourself doing for dinner on Friday, where are you at 1pm on Saturday, what is your Sunday going to be like? For instance, knowing that you want to go to the Opera, you’d be sure to pack a pair of heels or dress shoes and of course, book show tickets.  With a picture of the weekend in your head acting as a guide on how to accommodate your vision, knowing what you want out of the trip becomes easy to pinpoint.


Pick a destination 


Let your trip intentions be your guide. 

Whether it’s a destination you’ve been longing to go to or a place you’ve visited countless times before, go ahead and make that selection. If you’ve got no desire to leave your hometown and you’re opting for a staycation, this isn’t frowned upon. In fact, worldwide, people (myself included) have chosen the option of finding solace in lounging in their hometown. In fact, a nice airbnb booked Friday through Sunday will easily do the trick for some. For others, getting out of their hometown is preferred. Let what you want out of your trip be your destination guide. If you’re interested in skiing at some point on your trip, I doubt you’d be inclined to book a trip to the Caribbean.  So again, let your trip intentions be your guide. 


Flying, driving, sailing or train ride?


How are you getting there? The start to your 2-3 days of chill (in my opinion) officially begins when you get into your mode of transport. After taking into consideration which of these travel types (flying, driving, sailing, train ride, motorbike?) fit nicely with, and complement your budget when planning: Can you opt for driving as opposed to flying? Can you take the ferry instead of driving and a flight? What about a train ride as opposed to driving, sailing and even flying? It is considered a getaway win when you’re able to not think as much about the price tag of activities and food but all the while respecting the set budget.  


Plan it then stick to it


In order to maximize the very few days you’ve got for your trip, it’s suggested that you know exactly what you’d like to get into during your stay. If there are things that you’ve got your heart set on doing like a concert, a movie screening or meeting up with friends, it is best to have a to-do list.  Of course, if you’re just going to go with the flow I, for one, do not oppose it. If you’re there, however, to knock some things off your bucket list or you have all intention of exploring the new place, then it is suggested that for this trip you plan, plan, plan and plan. For instance, ahead of the visit, you’d most likely make accommodations near a beach if you’re intent on light shopping, heavy drinking and plenty of hours on the beach, ending the days with bonfire nights.  


And remember, pack light (it’s only two nights)


One of the upsides to a weekend getaway? Light packing. 

As you’re going for a bite of time, roughly, all you need are your toiletries, about three outfits, two pairs of shoes, intimates, a day bag and that’s about it.  One carryon will surely do the trick or, if you’re sure of it, just a backpack. According to Trooper, “we’re here for a good time (not a long time)”.   


Tap out then tap in 


If you need to stay tapped in because the trip is really a working-in-a-different-location type thing, then by all means, be connected. However, if it doesn’t call for it then go ahead and turn off the wifi on all devices.  Let these 2-3 days be the time you hit that reset button and really tap into you.  A digital detox can lead to a life of less social comparisons, less anxiety and stress, sharper focus, boosted self esteem, more control of your emotions as you’re less triggered by outside factors, reduced fear of missing out, frees up time and it makes room for more sleep. 


A weekend getaway doesn’t have to be the most expensive or flashiest thing ever. It’s a good way to begin traveling and allows you to learn the ropes on travel. It’s also a good way to find the ways you enjoy traveling in terms of accommodation, mode of travel and the things you prefer to get into. It especially works well with folks who have 9-5s, couples both married and unmarried or individuals simply looking to unplug.    



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